Hourly Hire Prices

Please note there is an extra charge for over 6 people which is £1 per extra person.

Open Everyday 7am to 2am



Book here or alternatively call or WhatsApp +44 (0)1228 307 707

Swimming Pool Gallery

Pool Safety Rules

We kindly ask that you follow these swimming pool safety rules.

  • There is NO life guard present in the pool area.
  • You are personally responsible for your own Health and Safety whilst using the pool and facilities.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 adults (over 18) present at all times in the pool area
  • Maximum 3 children (under 18) per adult
  • No sharp, heavy or breakable objects be taken into the pool or facilities
  • No running, no jumping and no diving.
  • Please make yourself aware of life saving equipment and emergency exits.
  • Please be sensible, safe and take care of each other and the facilities for a happy swim!
  • Please make sure you have access to a mobile telephone in case of an emergency and if needed the address is 18 Brow Nelson, Dalston, CA5 7LE